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Pastor Ronnie Dotson

As Pastor of this great church, my heart has been filled to meet so many wonderful people along life’s pathway. People whose lives are different but possess the only thing we all have in common, salvation by grace.

Our church does not exist to exalt any one man or any building or any goal that does not show the love of God and his mercy. We stand on the threshold of a great and glorious future! God only knows what is in store for those who stay close to his will. God loves and accepts us just the way we are, but he also loves us too much to leave us that way!

My prayer is that each one of us will continue to follow God and be sensitive to his presence. ~ Ronnie Dotson, Pastor

Pastor Ronnie Dotson & Wife Connie Dotson

Our Statement Of Faith

  1. We Believe that the Bible, scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, is the infallible Word of God.
  2. We Believe in a triune God
    God the Father
    God the Son
    God the Holy Spirit
  3. We Believe in man’s depravity, all men everywhere are sinners, both by nature and by choice. Man must be born again.
  4. We Believe in a person Devil, proud, powerful, wicked, subtlem deceitful, religious, and fierce. He was cast out of Heaven and is now prince of the air, and the world system.
  5. We Believe that in Christ only is salvation. The blood of Jesus Christ was shed for the sins of all mankind.
  6. We Believe that Heaven and Hell are literal places, prepared of God as the only eternal abodes according to scripture.
  7. We Believe in the Church as (The Body Of Christ) who is made up of all Blood-Bought, Born again Believers.